Is Studying Broing For You? --> You need a New Outlook and New Ways of Studying

"Do your parents say to you to study to score good marks because it is important to get a good job?"  
Well Yes. It is imp. But does that leads you to study? Or help in getting good grades?  "No"

During our early age and schooling, the way study has been shown to us has changed our outlook towards study. 
Study for some reason and with fun

Cramming the books and writing answers; Ever told by everyone that you have to study to score good marks, never told by anyone what you are going to do of this knowledge, 
has changed our view towards subjects. 

"Studying for marks and with no knowledge of what you are going to do with these theories has lead to disinterest in studies.
We are far away from the practicality of things; mugging things, and for what?

The study has become just a means to clear classes in early age, Semester in next stage, and competitive exams for the job.
"You are unknowingly making yourself Chatur Ramalingam, not Phunsuk Wangdu."

"Studying is not learning for you anymore and so not fun."          

So what shift can make studying fun?

If you know whatever you are studying is gonna benefit you ahead in future in real life apart from just clearing an exam. Studying won't be that boring for you.

If you get involve in the practicality of things. How everything that you are studying works in real life: "From transistor to managerial economics." Studying won't be boring for you.

And if you can enjoy the way you study. Studying won't be boring for you.
New ways and techniques that help to engage your brain in a better way; that make studying more fun. 

Time to change your outlook towards study +  switching to better, studying ways like "Mind Mapping, Memory techniques" etc.                                                                                                                                                                              How exactly?  Wait for posts ahead.                                                                                                         Stay Connected                                                         

"Knowing the right strategies to efficiently manipulate, analyse, or remember any data can be helpful in any workplace at any age and for anyone."

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