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Always Stay Healthy at 1st Place

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Have you ever thought "What if you are healthy all the time."
                                  "What If You Never Fall ill Ahead in Your Life."
                                  "What if you are Always Energetic."
Such a life could be a dream for you, but it will not remain just dream anymore.

1st and the most important asset you have is your healthAnd often people neglect their health and mostly for work. 

Waking up late; Running for work, missing breakfast, not having 10 minutes to exercise in a day, not reflecting upon life, not meditating that helps in increasing will-power and then struggling for that will entire day and in many more ways.

Here something to understand is - What ignoring health can cost you; Nothing else can cost much. 
"Falling ill at wrong times like during exams, important meetings, working on some deadline can cost much more than the time you save entire session by putting health at bay."  
And so you shouldn't put your health at bay instead bring it to light. 💡  

Your overall health consists of 4 areas.

1. Physical Health        2. Mental Health   
3. Emotional Health      4. Spiritual Health

What Roles Each Health Play In Your Life.

1. Physical Health gives you an ability to work for hours.

2. Mental Health decides the quality of work you will be doing.

3. Emotional Health plays an important part in your social life and relations. 

4. Spiritual Health leads to an all-around well-being of your body, mind, and soul.                 

But Every health affects all 3 others and so is affected by all others.

You can never have a relaxed body with a stressed mind. Or a relaxed mind in a stressed body. It replicates. 

Mental stress leads to Physical ailments like -- Heart diseases, high blood pressure, weakened immune system, upset gut, sleep problems etc.

Stress or tiredness do affect your emotions. All the -ve emotions start coming up. You become sadden, irritable, start feeling low in yourself.

Low emotions lead to -ve thinking pattern which affects almost every area of life.

So it becomes important for you to develop all around health and to create a healthy lifestyle for you. "As you can even enjoy anything in your life only when you are healthy." 
"And you can work well only when you are healthy."

At the end of the day either you are or you are not and reason could be ignoring health.

Come on to a journey of being healthy with me.
From food to exercise, emotions to sound sleep; balancing health in work life. 
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Why to Be a Spiritual You? & Why Spirituality?

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A word made from Spirit. Spirit (आत्मा ) which relates to soul.

What you are without soul??
Soul does refer to Life.

Spirit is the Living Force inside you.

The soul, as with the spirit, is the center of many spiritual & emotional experiences (Job 30:25; Psalm 43:5; Jeremiah 13:17).
And spirituality is the analysis of everything that corners the soul "All your experiences."                         It is a way to the discovery of self.  
                                                       "Who you are? What do you want?" 
"You are so much lost; what everyone wants is what you want. You don't know what you truly want in your life. 
We are so much influenced by the outside factors that we have got far away from our true selves too. 
★✰ Spirituality is a way back to the true you."

★ Spirituality involves the observation of life which leads to Self-Knowledge, Wisdom, Rich Understanding of life and Better Relations.

★ It is a way to personal exploration too. Because what others can't tell about you and something even you don't know about yourself can only be explored on a spiritual path.  

★ Spirituality helps you in realizing the possibilities of life. These possibilities turn to opportunities and a complete new way to life.

Financial Freedom, Freedom to act, Freedom in thoughts, you can acquire in the material world.
★ Freedom of Soul can be acquired only on the spiritual path. 

Meditation lays the base for your spiritual journey. It leads to increased consciousness. It is consciousness with which you start experiencing everything in your life.

"To Live is to create Experiences not only memories.                                                                            Life is to be Lived not just to go through."                         ~~ Yash

For the New Heights of Spirituality, Here Your Spiritual Journey Starts.
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A way to Concentration among Distractions

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Do you sit to study and get lost in thoughts?
Do you sit to study and very quickly move to something distracting, Fb, Youtube?
Or even when you spent so much time on study table, you end up getting only a little work done?
Or a tough problem during solving easy ones becomes the breaking point in your study?
              Or This thing Happens to You  

1 thing that distracts us the most when we have to get things done is a distracting thought, it's never the FB, Twitter, Youtube or Anything else but it's A Thought. 

You think of FB, and you move to it.
You think of Youtube, and you move to it.
You think of anything, and you move to it.

Your true distractions have always remain thoughts.

On the other hand, a thought can do keep you on a table and let you keep working with full energy if it's a thought of purpose. If you are able to think on why you are doing that you are doing while doing that thing, you will be glued to your work.

Though there is no limit upto which you can be highly focused. As Nascar Racers have to maintain their focus for 5 hours in a 140 degree Fahrenheit cockpit, a single flinch can take their life. But it is about their life, so they maintain it. As I said, Purpose. 

But to have the same ability to focus without any purpose is do important because the quality of everything that you will be doing in your life will be improved. 
"You can't have purpose for everything you do but quality of everything that you do matters"

1. You spend Hours and then work never comes out in the same proportion. You can compare it with your efficiency while studying 2 hours before semester exam or your working with the deadline.  What if that remains your efficiency every time you work.
   And why not to think about it. Because the amount of time you are spending is the same every time But output is varying time to time. 

2. The another point is Neither you Enjoyed Nor the Work get Completed for being not focused.           Why you didn't manage to enjoy, diverted, distracted to other things. Bcz somewhere you knew that you have to do the work and that didn't let you free. And so those Youtube videos or anything you do never makes really fun.

To Change These Things

What you need is a Timer and Knowing that you have to stay on 1 thing only, for 10 mins.

Here for 10 minutes, 2 purposes you have to aim.

1. To not to "Think" or "Do" anything else other than that you are sitting for.
2. Keeping Clarity in mind of the work that you have to do. 

As you will start doing it. In starting, you will start catching your wandering thoughts.
As soon as you will start catching your wandering thoughts, soon you will be able to eliminate them and then to focus on Anything will be very easy. 

And if you think "10 min is a bullshit thing", what is going to happen in just 10 mins, then tell me how you will be working Ahead of these 10 mins without learning to make these 10 mins 'The best shot of yours'. 

See "Those who do push-ups know how hard was that 1st pushup to make, and how many they do today".

"Initially these 10 mins are gonna be like that 1st Pushup for you, filled with difficulties. That is because you have practiced distraction for Years "Everyday". And Now You Have To Reverse It." This is a baby step that can bring a big change.

And Try it Anytime. 
You are in class -- 1st 10 mins, use a timer and don't think of anything else other than what is going on in the class. You will be focused for the rest of the class, right after 10 mins. 

You are at any place  -- 1st 10 mins, just being in your surrounding without thinking of anything else can set your focus. The more you will practice it the better your focus will get.

Why am I saying to do it in starting?   
Because once you are caught up in distractions, of any kind; It becomes hard to come out.
At the same time, once you are focused on something, there remains less space for distractions.  
Your focus and quality of life both will be increased day by day.

TRY it in order to feel the difference in your focus. 
                                             "10 Minutes"- "Every Time"- "In Starting oF Work"

Is Studying Broing For You? --> You need a New Outlook and New Ways of Studying

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"Do your parents say to you to study to score good marks because it is important to get a good job?"  
Well Yes. It is imp. But does that leads you to study? Or help in getting good grades?  "No"

During our early age and schooling, the way study has been shown to us has changed our outlook towards study. 
Study for some reason and with fun

Cramming the books and writing answers; Ever told by everyone that you have to study to score good marks, never told by anyone what you are going to do of this knowledge, 
has changed our view towards subjects. 

"Studying for marks and with no knowledge of what you are going to do with these theories has lead to disinterest in studies.
We are far away from the practicality of things; mugging things, and for what?

The study has become just a means to clear classes in early age, Semester in next stage, and competitive exams for the job.
"You are unknowingly making yourself Chatur Ramalingam, not Phunsuk Wangdu."

"Studying is not learning for you anymore and so not fun."          

So what shift can make studying fun?

If you know whatever you are studying is gonna benefit you ahead in future in real life apart from just clearing an exam. Studying won't be that boring for you.

If you get involve in the practicality of things. How everything that you are studying works in real life: "From transistor to managerial economics." Studying won't be boring for you.

And if you can enjoy the way you study. Studying won't be boring for you.
New ways and techniques that help to engage your brain in a better way; that make studying more fun. 

Time to change your outlook towards study +  switching to better, studying ways like "Mind Mapping, Memory techniques" etc.                                                                                                                                                                              How exactly?  Wait for posts ahead.                                                                                                         Stay Connected                                                         

"Knowing the right strategies to efficiently manipulate, analyse, or remember any data can be helpful in any workplace at any age and for anyone."

Bringing Life Into The Lives

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"Life -- Familiarity by all, Understood by some, And Experienced by only few."
           "Only those who are living life at its best or have lived it some time, have experienced 'Life'."
In your lives,
Life is there when you are Happy.
Life is there when you are Present.
Life is there when you can Feel Essence of Living,
And when You are controlling your life not being controlled by it.

Life moves on in an easy way in our early age. But as we start growing we start stumbling in life: face hard times, difficulties, stress, relations, always running out of time; f***ed up with to do things in life.

All these things explain that it's your life that is controlling you, it’s not you who is controlling life.                          (Something to change)

Life is do about your perspective towards situations, scenes, everything that is in your life. Your perspective have ability to shape “everything in your life”.

Well said by James Allen in his book “As a Man Thinketh”

Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: —
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass.

“Your perspective (Your outlook) towards things, situations, people, can change everything in your life, and then eventually your life too.”

This is the 1st post towards a change in your lives, and bringing back "Life" into the Lives.
          Over a period of time, your way to look at your Life will be completely changed.
                                                                                               Stay Connected